Forged teardrop shape.




Wedge Bounce Availability
48 8 RH ONLY
50 10 RH ONLY
52 8 RH ONLY
54 10 RH ONLY
56 10 RH ONLY
58 8 RH ONLY
58 12 RH ONLY


BRM (Biting Rail Mild)

Improved spin-stabilizing grooves and pitch (spacing between grooves)
New milling has been placed to improve ball bite and spin performance

・ Place 6 milling between grooves
・ Place jagged protrusions on each one

Gravity control design

Adjust the wall thickness of the back face in three dimensions (toe heel, top and bottom, wall thickness difference) by count
Adopted a modeling design that sticks to curves and curved surfaces

・ 48 ° / 50 °: Emphasis is placed on the feeling of swinging with the iron, and the wall thickness is controlled over the heel.
・ 52 ° / 54 °: Flat design that does not spoil the sense of distance and the image of the trajectory
・ 56 ° / 58 °: Thick design on the toe with excellent forgiveness that stabilizes the trajectory even if the hitting point shifts