Tour B 201CB

Authentic forged cavity that embodies the performance required for players irons by count.




Iron Loft Lie Angle
4 21.5° 60.5°
5 24.5° 61°
6 27.5° 61.5°
7 31.5° 62°
8 36° 62.5°
9 41° 63°
PW 46° 63.5°


Gravity control design

・ Long count
emphasizes stability and forgiveness. Short count emphasizes operability and sharpness.
・ The heel-center is easy to insert the head, and the center-toe adopts a sole shape that is easy to hit and pull out

High trajectory structure (# 4, # 5)

・ While designing with a low center of gravity and high MOI, it is designed
so as not to impair the feel of hitting by leaving a trapezoidal thick part at the hitting point.
・ Pursuing the high flight and tolerance required for long irons

Groove design sticking to only 0.02 mm

・ The pitch of the groove on the face surface
has been changed from a uniform design of all counts of 3.60
mm to each count. # 4 to 6
flow to 3.50 mm # 7 to 9, PW flows to 3.48 mm.
・ Changed to a new groove shape that is effective in the low head speed range to improve spin stability.