Tour B 202CBP

High-performance pocket cavity iron that pursues a balance between shape and performance




Iron Loft Lie Angle
4 21° 60.5°
5 23.5° 61°
6 26.5° 61.5°
7 30° 62°
8 34.5° 62.5°
9 39° 63°
PW 44° 63.5°


Power stabilizer

・ Equipped with a power stabilizer to increase the rigidity of the toe side
・ Extra vibration is suppressed and the feel of hitting is improved.
・ Optimized tolerance and operability by flowing the placement location for each count

360 ° pocket cavity

・ All counts have a 360 ° pocket cavity structure that enhances tolerance for mistakes and resilience performance.
・ The expansion of the sweet area improves flight distance performance and tolerance.

Twin groove

・ Two L-shaped grooves are placed from the sole side on the back side of the face to the heel.
・ By bringing the maximum deflection point at the time of impact closer to the ideal striking position, the resilience performance is improved and the flight distance is increased.